Southeast District EPA UMC


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Innabah Program Center

712 Pughtown Rd., Spring City, PA 19475

8:30 Registration & Breakfast (Snacks available throughout the morning)

9:00 Welcome

           Camp Director, Michael Hyde

           District Lay Leaders: Jennifer Lafferty, Bill Thompson

           District Superintendent Dawn Taylor-Storm

9:15 – 9:30 Travel to First Session Workshops

9:30 – 10:50 Session One Workshops

10:50 – 11:10 Break/Travel to Session Two Workshops

11:10 – 12:30 Session Two Workshops

12:30 p.m. Departure

CEUs: Both Sessions 0.25, First Session Only 0.12, Second Session Only 0.13

Session One Workshops

1. Making Disciples Rather Than Members

 Rev. Amy Banka, Hopewell UMC

In Matthew's gospel, Jesus tells His disciples, "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." This is our commission, our commandment, our joy. But somewhere along the way, we moved from making disciples to accumulating members—and it's time to shift back. Join the conversation ... and the shift.

2. An Alternative to Church Committees

 Rev. Tom Ebersole, Wayne UMC

Our United Methodist Discipline prescribes a century old local church administrative framework built on a series of committees. Did you know there are alternatives to this structure? Today it seems harder and harder to fill the seats of our Staff-Parish, Lay Leadership, Missions, Worship and other working committees; yet we set out each year on an expedition within the church to find the bodies to fill these required positions. What if there was a structure that allowed the passion for ministry in your church to rise above this antiquated system and flourish? Welcome to Team Ministry. In this workshop, we will explore a Discipline approved alternative to the committee system that frees the local church to find meaning, instead of meetings.

3. How to Have Meaningful Conversations in Your Local Church about Race

   Rev. Tracy Duncan, M. Div., Phila.: Eastwick UMC, Member EPA Conference  Committee on Religion and Race
   Rev. Diana Esposito, Deacon, Grove UMC, Member EPA Conference  Committee on Religion and Race

Participants will explore ways in which they can engage in conversations about race using the 8 R's of respectful conversation on these issues.

4. Developing an Atmosphere of Giving

 Rev. Dennis Emrick, St. Peter's: Mount Carmel UMC

Developing an atmosphere of stewardship and generosity goes beyond asking for support for the local church. We will explore the spiritual dimensions of cultivating disciples to be generous in a demanding and changing culture.

5. Entering the Mission Field

 Rev. Dr. Bruny Martinez

The workshop will explore the possibilities on doing ministry to those that are different, especially the Latino/Hispanic people. The discussion will lead to the discovery of ways to perform outreach even when there are challenges in language, customs, culture, and even religion. The attendees will come out with specific ideas on how to spread the Good News, sometimes even without talking about it. The concepts discussed can be applied abroad.

6. Emotional Mechanics: Committing to Self-Care

 Michael D’Angelo NCC, MS, LPC, 
 Center for Pastoral Counseling of Greater Philadelphia

Conversation about self-care and how that relates to you in your current ministry. How to treat yourself with kindness and compassion as well as how to limit your judgment of self. How to use ancient and reinvented mechanisms to slow down, be more present to self, God and those we serve. How to transform pain rather than transmit it.


Dr. Michelle Daniels, South District Lay Leader Team Member
William Thompson, South District Co-Lay Leader

In the Methodist Church, laity as well as clergy have leadership responsibilities. As Lay Leader, you are the primary representative of the laity in your local church, and as Lay Member, you serve as a member of Annual Conference and as a liaison to the larger church. This workshop, keyed to the Guidelines booklet published by Discipleship Ministries, will help you understand and fulfill these duties. The workshop materials will include a copy of the Guidelines booklet for you.

8. Toward a Praying Church

 Rev. Andrea M. Haldeman, Pastor of Discipleship & Congregational Care, West Lawn UMC
 Rev. Jean Howe, Pastor of Grace UMC, Reading; Pastor of Adult Ministries, West Lawn UMC

My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations. ~Isaiah 56:7 Ever feel overwhelmed with prayer ministry? Ever wonder where you might start to reinvigorate your churches prayer ministry? Join us as we explore prayer ministry for family, church, community and world. We will delve deeper into each area and provide practical tools that you can begin using to engage your church as you move toward a praying church!

9. How to Reach Your Community Effectively

 Rev. Thomas C. Davis-Shappell, Retired Elder, UMC 45 years of Ministry, 
 Church Consultant on Visioning and Strategic Planning                                                      

Like the first followers of Christ in the Book of Acts, our mission field is right out of the front doors of our churches. We are called to be backyard missionaries. How is your church doing at reaching the people in your own neighborhood? Come and explore the ways that we as followers of Christ in 2018 are called to live our lives as a mission trip. Church is a movement not a building or a location. We are called as Jesus did to touch people’s lives where they live. People are interested in life the way God intended, not church. Come and discover ways in which your church can reach your community!

Session Two Workshops

10. Reaching Kids – Equipping Families: Creating and Growing Children’s and Family Ministry Program

  Kelly Rismiller, Dir. of Children & Family Ministries, West Lawn UMC

Today’s churches are competing with an over abundance of secular activities pulling children and parents in a hundred directions all year long. Learn how to meet the faith formation needs of families when you have them and where they are with some creative marketing, engaging programming, and personalized attention, regardless of your church size. Tips provided on social media usage, automated text messaging, public relations campaigns, special event planning, and more.

11. Reaching Your Community with Facebook

  Rev. Lou Hornberger, M. Div

According to a recent Pew Research study 76% of Americans use Facebook daily. Never before have all eyes been directed at one particular brand. We are seeing a revolution in the way we communicate, that hasn’t been seen since the printing press. Gutenberg’s invention brought bible ownership to new height, in the same way Mark Zuckerberg’s creation, Facebook, can be used to spread the Gospel in ways that we are only beginning to understand. In this seminar we’ll look at free and inexpensive ways to grow your church’s social media footprint.

12. The Work of the Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee: the makeup, role and process of the committee, including pastoral evaluation.

Rev. Dr. Bronwyn Yocum, Retired Elder, Former DS, Church Consultant, M.Div., D.Min. 

This workshop will cover the Disciplinary requirements of the Pastor Parish/Staff Parish Relations Committee and the workings of the committee during the year. Highlights will include practical suggestions for the committee’s work, a timeline for the year, review of the process of pastoral evaluation including creating a covenant, and Disciplinary expectations. A good introduction for new members or review for chairpersons and long-time members.

13. Teambuilding with Youth and Young Adults

   Kelly Nelson, Program & Guest Group Coordinator,  Innabah Program Ctr.

During this session participants will step outside their comfort zones, get to know new friends, build group unity and have fun all at the same time. Not a youth or young adult but still want to attend? All are welcome, even those who are simply young at heart. Participants will enter as individuals, but the group will leave together as one united in Christ.

14. Reading the Scripture Through Native American Eyes

   Verna Colliver, EPA Conf Committee on Native American Ministries 

Members of CoNAM who received training from the Mennonite Central Committee will share insights on Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery. Five centuries of subjugation and systematic oppression were carried out by the Christian church and based on Christian Scripture. You will learn how to re-read familiar Biblical passages through the eyes of Native Americans and to discover how to dismantle the long-held ideas of how American was “discovered” and was built on land wrested from the original inhabitants. Resources will be provided to help you act on what you learn and give a faithful response to the need for healing and wholeness with Native Americans today.

15. The Ministry of Being a Local Church Trustee

   Alvin Kingcade, Sr., CSM, Past Pres. EPA Conf Board of Trustees    

In this workshop, we will look at the Role of the Local Church Trustee both according to the “Book of Discipline” as well as according to the “Good Book” – The Bible. This session will cover the Basic Responsibilities of the Local Church Trustee as well as look at some Tools available for Trustees. We will look at how the Local Church Trustee Board is organized as well as discuss some “best practices” for Local Church Trustees. If you are a new Trustee at your church this workshop is for you. Persons who are current Trustees at their church can attend for a refresher and to share their wisdom, knowledge, and best practices with the group.

16. Why Should I Consider the CSM and CLM Training?

   Jennifer Lafferty, CLM, South Dist. Lay Leader, Certified Health Minister
   Carrie Thurmond-Argo, CLM
   Angela Anderson, CLM

Not sure where God is calling you to serve? Searching to understand your strengths and spiritual gifts and how they can best be used in Ministry? Wondering how the Christ Servant Minister and Certified Lay Minister programs will benefit you personally and your ministry to others? Interested in knowing the facts, requirements, and commitments of the programs? This is an opportunity to ask questions, receive information, and discover what is available to support you as you seek to hear God’s voice and fulfill on his purpose for your life. Meet and talk with others that have completed the programs.

17. Taking Your Finance Team to the Next Level

   Lawrence A. Lee, MBA, CSM, Sr. Accountant EPA Conference

Explore on-line giving options, good finance protocols, stewardship in the full life of the church/endowment giving and how to help Finance Teams share budgets with local churches.

18. Prayer Vigil

   Rev. Andrea M. Haldeman, Pastor of Discipleship & Congregational Care, West Lawn UMC
   Rev. Jean Howe, Pastor of Grace UMC, Reading; Pastor of Adult Ministries, West Lawn UMC

“Be dressed for action and have your lamps lit; be like those who are waiting for their master to return from the wedding banquet, so that they may open the door for him as soon as he comes and knocks. ~Luke 12:35-36 A vigil refers to a time of close attention or watchfulness. If you have ever wondered what a prayer vigil is you are invited to our workshop discovering the elements of a prayer vigil. We will share our experiences in leading prayer vigils in response to mass shootings, preparation for national elections, and also as a means to more fully engage in experiencing the seasons of the Christian Year. You will receive resources and also practical experience through a variety of prayer stations.

19. Technology in the Worship Service: How’s That Working (or Not Working) for You?”

 Aubrey Bates, CLM

This class examines how technology is used or not used in many churches, with a look at what works and why, and a critical glance at what does not yield results. We will take a serious look at good and bad techniques when modern knowledge meets two thousand years of “we’ve always done it this way.” You will come away with new ideas for sharing the Gospel in your church.

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